Open House Policy

Open houses are heldĀ  (1) time per month (third Wednesday of the month) for all realtors, only.

In 2006 the Board authorized the holding of realtor only Open Houses within Whitewater Creek on the third Wednesday of the month. However, homeowners were still not allowed to hold Open Houses for prospective buyers. At last night’s Board Meeting that issue was revisited. The Board decided that a resident is allowed to hold an Open House at his property on the first Sunday of the month from 2:00 to 5:00 pm, but the homeowner is only allowed to have such an Open House one time per quarter. As with the realtor only Open Houses, CAM must be advised in order that all necessary steps are taken including the notifying of the guard house.

On a related issue, several homeowners are utilizing professional drone services to obtain aerial photography to better market their homes. To ensure the safety and privacy of the residents of Whitewater Creek the Board has decided that prior approval must be obtained by CAM to ensure that the photographer is fully-licensed and aware that only the subject property is to be filmed. 9/24/18